Congratulations Kunal Khapekar CCIE Security v5.0 #60479; Rajul CCIE Security v5.0 #55951; Carol Banji CCIE Security v5.0 #60429; Vijay Sanwal CCIE Security v5.0 #58942; Srinivas Reddy CCIE Security v5.0 #51376; Pritha C CCIE Security v5.0 #60377; Subhani Shaikh CCIE Security v5.0 #60256; Kishun CCIE DC v2.0 #60092; Vijay T A CCIE DC v2.0 #60090; Mohan Jeeankalagi CCIE DC v2.0 #60039; Anil Nayak CCIE DC v2.0 #60038; Micheal Anyeabu CCIE DC v2.0 #60035; Vinu Pillai CCIE DC v2.0 #48189; Mayur Khadola CCIE DC v2.0 #59955; Triyambak CCIE DC v2.0 #59912; Prakash Bannerji CCIE DC v2.0 #59896; Amardeep CCIE DC v2.0 #28465; Ashraf Shaikh CCIE Security v5.0 #59913; Ajay Shende CCIE Security v5.0 #49466; Sanjay Kumar CCIE DC v2.0 #59838; Rajan CCIE Security v5.0 #59837; Sanjay Kumar CCIE DC v2.0 #59838; Ravichandra Kanduri CCIE DC v2.0 #59827; Kumar Sivaraman CCIE DC v2.0 #59823; Mrudul Murali CCIE DC v2.0 #59801; Sabu CCIE DC v2.0 #59774; Ananta Bhonde CCIE Security v5.0 #59695; Aditya C CCIE DC v2.0 #36775; Arun Kumar CCIE DC v2.0 #59595; Shekhar CCIE DC v2.0 #59596; Jaydev Rout CCIE DCv2.0 #59568; Ganesh CCIE DCv2.0 #59536; Lavesh Kumar CCIE DCv2.0 #47738; Mohammed Iqbal CCIE DCv2.0 #59463; Ashutosh CCIE DC v2.0 #38459; Waheed CCIE DC v2.0 #59315; Vikalp Gupta CCIE DC v2.0 #41903; Debaditya Chaudhury CCIE DC v2.0 #59271; Sarthak Sachdeva CCIE DC v2.0 #59224; Nagarjuna Bade CCIE DC v2.0 #59218; Amardeep S. CCIE Sec v5.0 #59196; Ragu CCIE DC v2.0 # 59170; Prasad Vijayarajan CCIE DC v2.0 # 59157; Samrat Bhatachary CCIE DC v2.0 # 59145; Kranthi Malkajgiri CCIE DC v2.0 # 59118; Ashish Sharma - CCIE DC v2.0 59045; Vijay Sati - CCIE DC v2.0 59036; Clayton Hamilton - CCIE DC v2.0 59020; Sudipto Paul - CCIE DC v2.0 59014; Rasheen - CCIE DC v2.0 59008; Muskan Ahlawat - CCIE DC v2.0 58985; Jignesh Donda - CCIE DC v2.0 58959; Vijay Sanwal - CCIE DC v2.0 58942; Devendra - CCIE DC v2.0 40426; Nitiz Sharma - CCIE Security v5.0 48846; Sami - CCIE DC v2.0 58922; Suraj Patil - CCIE Security v5.0 58911; Babu Kandhasamy - CCIE DC v2.0 58859; Jayesh - CCIE DC v2.0 58846; Vivek Sharma - CCIE DC v2.0 40840; Nijil - CCIE DC v2.0 58736; Saravanan Gopal - CCIE DC v2.0 48069; Sarvanan Kumar - CCIE DC v2.0 48069; Monalisha - CCIE DC v2.0 58669; Pavan Grandhi - CCIE DC v2.0 58667; Sunil Vishnani - CCIE DC v2.0 58661; Sneha M - CCIE DC v2.0 58615; Shahbaaz - CCIE DC v2.0 58614; A Ateik - CCIE DC v2.0 58608


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“Global Education Excellence Award 2017”

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Global Education Excellence Award 2017


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CCIE Security
19th October


8th October

CCIE DC v2.1 End-End

15th October

CCIE Security v5.0 End-End

15th October


22nd October

CCIE R&S Bootcamp

22nd October


8th, 15th & 22ndOctober


8th & 15th October


22nd October

CCNP Security

8th October


8th October


8th & 15th October



Data Center v2.0

This course helps prepare for the expert-level skills required for the planning, design, implementation and management of complex, modern IT data center infrastructure.

Duration: 3 Months

Cisco Nexus 9K in ACI Mode

Learn the key components and procedures for configuring and managing Cisco Nexus 9000 Switches in ACI mode. You will also learn how to connect the ACI Fabric to external networks and services.

Duration: 5 days

Deploying Cisco UCS Director with ACI

Learn about different features of UCS Director software to manage physical and virtual infrastructure elements including Cisco Application Centric Infrastructure(ACI).

Duration: 5 days

Cisco Nexus Series (9K,7K, 5K & 2K) in NXOS

Learn the key components to install, configure and manage Cisco Nexus series switches in the network and SAN environment.

Duration: 5 days

Cisco ASA X Series with FirePower Service

Learn the key components to install, configure and manage Cisco ASA X Series firewall with FirePower Services.

Duration: 5 days


Explore about SDN, how it reduces config time & errors, enhances security & enhances cloud computing and efficiently provisions new services and applications.

Duration: 2 days


Learn the basics of Amazon Web Services. Get introduced to AWS products, services and solutions with hands-on lab activities.

Duration: 2 days


Learn about Openstack architecture and operation. Explore OpenStack components and functions, important DEVOPS skills and how to fully administer OpenStack.

Duration: 4 Days

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CCIE DC v2.0 60092 Kishun
CCIE DC v2.0 60090 Vijay T A
CCIE DC v2.0 60039 Mohan Jeeankalagi
CCIE DC v2.0 60038 Anil Nayak
CCIE DC v2.0 60035 Micheal Anyeabu
CCIE DC v2.0 48189 Vinu Pillai
CCIE DC v2.0 59955 Mayur Khadola
CCIE DC v2.0 59912 Triyambak
CCIE DC v2.0 59896 Prakash Bannerji
CCIE DC v2.0 28465 Amardeep
CCIE DC v2.0 59844 Bharath R
CCIE DC v2.0 59838 Sanjay Kumar


CCIE #60479 Kunal Khapekar
CCIE #55951 Rajul
CCIE #60429 Carol Banji
CCIE #58942 Vijay Sanwal
CCIE #51376 Srinivas Reddy
CCIE #60377 Pritha C
CCIE #60256 Subhani Shaik
CCIE #60063 Tulika
CCIE #47143 Ramees Mohammed
CCIE #59913 Ashraf Shaikh
CCIE #49466 Ajay Shende
CCIE #59837 Rajan


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CCIE # 58586 Ramesh Babu
CCIE # 58587 Balagopal
CCIE #57254 Bakkya. S
CCIE#43102 Adel Barashed
CCIE#40306 Majed A. Saeed
CCIE#39014 Anup Nair
CCIE#38998 Soleh Mohammed
CCIE#38838 Ajay Singh
CCIE#35509 Quisher Khan
CCIE#35485 Mohammed Mohsin
CCIE#35012 Sikandar Shaik
CCIE#32636 Dheeraj Umesh


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CCIE#45932 Mohd Khaliq
CCIE#44181 Mayank Dev Mishra
CCIE#43737 Mohammed Masood
CCIE#40278 Mohammed Nadeemoddin
CCIE#40033 Kalyana Masna
CCIE#39924 Praveen Kumar Pagudala
CCIE#39870 Sajid Ansari
CCIE#39143 Gaurav Yadav
CCIE#38931 Hani Abu Jamous
CCIE#38450 Siddharth Borkar
CCIE#38329 Anup Kumar Dubey
CCIE#36527 Mohammed Altaf Siddiqui